The hAMDANs Family

The hAMDANs family are inviting u to taste their delicious food and listen to their latest music composition starring :

Mekdas Wedaje Hamdan as the chef , she ll be preparing an Ethiopian dinner the same way she does it at home .

Zeid Hamdan will be singing his latest compositions along with his greatest hits from Soapkills , Zeid and The wings and Shift Z
u can discover his productions here :

Marie Abou Khaled will be playing the drum machine and singing back vocals
Gihane Hage will be playing synths

We ve invited Lana Moussa to sing some arabic classics remixed in Zeid's very special way

The dinner will be served at 9 .
The concert will start at 10 .

Picture design and art direction : Gihane Hage , Marie Abou khaled and Zeid Hamdan

Info at : 76 71 14 66