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Maryam Saleh and Zeid hamdan live in Madrid

Posted on Oct 9, 2014 |

October 14, 2014

 Arab Auditorium House (c / Alcalá, 62).  20:30 4 euros. Online sale
Those entries which have not been sold on the internet, will be sold one hour before the concert at the door of Arab House Auditorium for the price of 5 euros, 4 euros for people officially unemployed, students of Arabic Language Centre House and Youth Card. A must accredit with the corresponding document to apply the discount. Tickets are numbered.

 The musical partner acts in Madrid along with Marc Codsi. Tickets are now on sale online

Arab House features the best of the independent Arab music, musical hand of a couple formed by singer and lyricist Egyptian Maryam Saleh, a powerful voice of his generation, and electronic music producer Zeid Hamdan, known as the godfather of Lebanese underground music, which follows a magnetism unusual. Though they met in 2010, was two years later when the duo staged the repertoire for which they are now known, and whose style has been dubbed "Trip hop Arabic "for its mix of traditional Arabic songs, hip-hop and electronica that fused produce an energetic and sophisticated raw materials, reflecting the contemporary Arab music scene. One of his best known songs is "Watan Ak" (nation of Chaos ), inspired by the situation of post-Mubarak Egypt. It was in 2012 when they took the stage at the Metro room Madina, one of the legendary spaces of Beirut's music scene, the audience, knowing the musical history of Maryam and Zeid, packed the room to enjoy this unique proposal. Then came the performances of this duet in other Middle Eastern countries, but also in rooms in London, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and now, with the help of Arab House in Madrid. Sheet concert hall 

More information: www Maryam Saleh and Zeid Hamdan, a musical match made ​​in Alexandria What can she say, the people want her! Maryam Saleh is a much loved singer

 ( translated from Spanish with Google )