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he movement of sound

HEAR made movement his motto. The movement of sound. The notes of his music are moving, they travel through time and space. A bit like him. HEAR was born in Lebanon, studied in Canada, lives in Berlin and speaks French. He followed classes in movie production, geology, modern dancing and space travel. He shot movies – several remarkable short films – before becoming a DJ and an electronic music composer. So a human course can be summed up in a few lines. But this outline always hides smaller stories, be they foundation or trauma, funny or tragic. These smaller stories are the foundation of a lifetime .A simple drum and saxophone tune he heard in a ghost train amid fake skeletons when he was 3, and there it was: music had entered HEAR's life. He didn't know then, that he was going to be haunted for life… His open-mindedness led him to study various aspects of the movie industry. At the same time his passion for music made him sneak into clubs at a young age, quickly messing with turntables & cdjs, launching parties (Made in Montreal), becomes resident DJ (at the Basement in Beirut, then at the Salon Daomé in Montreal), play music in festivals (such as Mutek or Piknik Electronic & Igloofest), and eventually compose his own music. This passion is expressed in places and situations that tell of the man’s curiosity: a circular apartment providing almost professional acoustics; marathons of sound where music is played non-stop over several days; music played by minus 30 degrees Celsius or on rooftops or boats in New York; recording sessions in a former Stasi building or in clubs in Berlin or in San Francisco. HEAR adapts to music as much as music adapts to him. He expresses music through all sorts of machines & records, old or new. He can wait many years to get a limited edition, for he sees music as a partner – He is ready to be patient for music, so much as to sleep in his recording studio. Dialogue is endless between them – a sound and visual dialogue, for notes are, they move and fly, and eventually they are shared with everyone. Small stories built up the big one. In both cases, Hear, is always on the move, he is driven by life – a nice recipe for creation. Already 12 years as a DJ, an album out on Archipel and several singles, a vinyl with Move D, an upcoming EP with Hakim Murphy, music with Classical pianist Alexandre Solopov and loads of upcoming projects. HEAR is moving fast, taking sound along with him.

Written By Manuel Benguigui