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"Ya Wled Loubnan" video clip

RGB is a talented MC and beatboxer from Lebanon...

He was born in 1980, in the popular Muslim area of Basta. As a kid he spent a lot of time roaming the streets of his neighborhood, taking all sorts of small jobs.

In 1995 he met Waldo, who used to rap in english and arabic and introduced him to the beatbox technique. Together they joined other rappers like Billy Boy from Basta, and Banelli from Ashrafieh,the opposite Christian quarter.They created their first crew, "secteur B"
RGB stopped working to devote himself entirely to Hip Hop.

In 1999, the crew became Kitaa Beirut, with the joining of new members: 6k, Mc Stress and Mc Joker.The crew and its furious energy became famous in the lebanese underground scene.

In 2002, RGB ,after a concert with Kitaa Beirut in Cahors in the south of France decided not to come back to Lebanon where he was expected to serve in the lebanese army. He then spent 3 difficult years in France, strugling to survive on the sreets of Lyon and Paris where he entered open mike events and discovered the French hip hop scene.

in 2005 RGB came back to Beirut and after paying his duty to the army (a few month in jail) he joined the band "Kita'youn"(Boys of The sector) with 6k, MC stress and Mc Joker who had continued recording and performing . They toured together in Lebanon , Syria and Jordan .

In 2006 RGB signed his first record deal with Mooz record a young alternativ label from Beirut and recorded his first demos with Zeid Hamdan the young producer behind soapkills , The New Government and most of the best bands on the lebanese underground scene.
Zeid Hamdan at that time was coaching an Iraki boys band called UTN1 produced by an american compagnie ,LCI entertainment. When the war irrupted in July 2006 Mooz records gave RGB his contract back , he and 6K then followed Zeid Hamdan (who became his manager )to Jordan to perform in a charity concert with UTNI for the benefit of lebanese war refugees. He met there after a brilliant performance the people who would become his future producers , the owners of LCI entertainment.

In 2007 his manager and LCI produced a hip hop show called Cha'er bil chare' (a poet in the streets ) he had the main role in the first arabic hip hop play in the middle east . He there started collaborating with DJ Lethal Skillz, a well known turntablist and producer in the lebanese and Arab underground scene, and together they later formed the 961 family with Malika (Mc Lix), 6k and Mc Moe.

Late 2007 RGB officially signed with LCI entertainment and has been working since on his first solo album,"Blacklisted".
The project includes the collaboration of several parisian producers, such as Drixxxé, Rouf, Sureshot Brothers, and Alsoprodby. It adresses the new generations, the Arabic and international audience, as the marriage of western production and Arabic flow gives birth to an awesomely efficient sound.