Marie Abou Khaled

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Marie Abou Khaled was born in Lebanon on February 14, 1995 to a family of journalists. She grew up in an environment that encouraged her to engage in creative activities and follow her passion for singing. At the age of 8, she travelled to Italy to participate in the 46th Zecchino d’Oro, a famous children’s singing contest, where she won 1st prize in the international category, with a song about peace. Later on, in high school, carried by her passion for creating arrangements for her favourite tunes, she founded an a cappella choir with her friends, “Predilection”, which went on to win her high school’s talent show. 

After graduating from high school, she completed a 4-year Computer and Communications Engineering degree at the American University of Beirut, where she won “AUB’s Got Talent”. Her singing career was temporarily put on hiatus to focus on her studies, however, she used her engineering knowledge in order to complement and benefit her experience of music, by creating a musical instrument for instance ( During her last year of university, she started making music with producer Alex Boulos and joined the project of Zeid Hamdan, “Zeid And The Wings”. After her engineering studies, she travelled to London to complete a Master of Music in Popular Music, graduating with distinction. Her masters emphasized on composition, critical musicology, music management and interactive and generative music computing. Her thesis project was a self-produced album called Saltanah, an exploration and ode to her Lebanese culture as well as to tarab music, which she dived in and researched extensively once she was abroad.

She s producing her first album  co-produced by Zeid Hamdan that should be released in spring 2019