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White Trees' first project started in summer 2008 with a few songs recorded in a small house in Faraya. We did not plan to create an album at the time, and were only doing it for fun. Our motivation & satisfaction added to the positive feedback we received, lead to the name "white trees". The first song fully recorded is 'Going Up Sowly', a dreamy balad of an astronaut leaving its family to live on the moon. We wanted to create a unique atmosphere mixing echoed guitar notes and omnipresent cymbal sounds. Our first live show as white trees happened during the recordings outdoor at Faraya (pictures and videos available on myspace page). This show was performed with 2 guests musicians, Edwin Hage and Roya Semaan, who were high school friends sharing music ever since.

White Trees member live in separate countries (Lebanon and France), so we gather twice per year, in summer and winter, to share our experiences, new tastes and ideas. The next step was the Broken Branches project. A few songs were first recorded as a draft on We then met with a new bass player, Ibrahim Badr, to start jammin on those new sounds. A show was organised Gemmayze's Club Social, including songs in its first part, then experilental improvisations in the second. Good cohesion heppened between us 3 from the first gigs. On summer 2009, we recorded 'Broken Branches' at Tunefork Studios, manager by Fady Tabbal, member of the Incompetents. Due to time constraints, we had to focus on 2 songs, one being Natural Symphony of Sounds of Colors. Inspired by nature sounds from the Greek islands, this song is divided in four independend parts taking the listener through various motions, melodies and beats. 5 piece vocal arrangements, percussions, piano and synth were added to create its unique atmosphere.

Cheers, To Those Who Stay is a project initiated by Cyril Aris and Mounia Akl in September 2009. They asked White Trees to write the soundtrack of their movie. The music and the film's shooting were executed simultaneously to create a perfect harmony between sights and sounds. In The Morning, is the main song of the film and is featured at its end. Influenced by contemporary and 70's artists, it mixes an 8 vocals choir with mellow piano chords, dreamy guitar sonorities and an occasional violin lines. This song slowly builds itself up to lead to a joyfull & moving ending. Get Down Now, a funky rock song that initially was a drunken night's trip for the Big Apple Jam Project. The filmakers insisted that they turn that 1 minute fuzzy track into an actual song, that ended up including a grand piano at its surprising ending.