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Marc-Ernest Diab has been studying at the Lebanese Higher National Conservatory for the past eight years. He first gravitated towards the classical piano, but soon found himself in thrall to another instrument, the bassoon. He studied the bassoon for six years with his professor, the renowned Sebouh Tekian.

Currently, Marc Ernest has been studying music theory, harmony and counterpoint with Mr. Boghos Gelalian, thus perfecting his knowledge and style of playing.

On the other side, Marc-Ernest is also passionate about jazz and other alternative strands of music, a passion that finds its expression on his primary instrument, the piano. He worked at the latter “on the side”, studying on his own the basics of jazz and other musical idioms, and their application on the piano.

Marc-Ernest had the opportunity to showcase his peculiar style of playing on several occasions: accompanied by a band, in solo recitals, as well as film and theatre music. His immense talent and impressive skills have allowed him to produce new kinds of combination, much to the satisfaction of his audience.

As an aside, Marc-Ernest went on studying Philosophy at Saint-Joseph University, but decided not to pursue this path, knowing that he would inevitably return to his first passion, music.

Marc Ernest playing DUENDE