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Zeid s 40th Bday 24.07.16 at Station Beirut

Posted on Jul 12, 2016 |

Celebrating mty 40 th Aniversary with my friends at Station Beirut with

With Karim and Cherif Saad on drums and bass , myself on guitar and vocals and with wissam charaf on vocals occasionally , Charles haddad on Saxophone and later with Yasmine Hamdan on vocals
It was the first band i perfromed with , we releasede an ep called "Lucy" in 1994 . On it was the first recorded version of "Lost" a song that Yasmine woud later sing with soapkills.
The band used to perform orientalist rock with some punk .
Karim, Cherif and wissam will be here to revive the Lombrix spirit !

The New Government
With Nabil Saliba on drums , Cherif Saad on Bass , myself on guitar and vocals , Jeremie Regnier on Vocals and keyboards and Timothee Regnier on vocals and guitars we started in 2004 a beautiful and powerfull band , our music was a mix of punk and surf music , we have released an album and 3 eps , u d be lucky if u got your hand on one of them , they were released only in Beirut , the band desintegrated in 2008
With Cherif , Nabil and me we will try to give u a taste of a few of the New governments power anthems.

Pop will save us
Ziad Saad s truely unique sound and experimentations resulted in a beautiful ep released in 2006 .
It s such a luck to have him perform Venus in Pleur at this event !

Prince K
Before becoming a successful arabic pop video clip and add producer Wadih Saffieddine was a brilliant writer and composer , he used to play with the Lombrix occasionaly , he combined folk and punk brilliantly and his lyrics always carried deep and esoteric messages ,the song "the new colons" written over 20 years ago adreeses perfectly today s world .
It could be our world planetary anthem .

EL Rajoul el Hadidi and Chyno
Nabil Saliba isn t just an exellent drummer but he s also one of the very few inspiring producer on the scene , El Rajoul El Hadidi is his latest project alongside virtuoso MC CHyno

Hiba Mansouri
When Soapkills seperated , i was heart broken , Hiba saved me with her angelic voice , her perfect interpretation of Ahwak has been played all around the globe , she gives to my arabic remixes music a very intense touch , she perfroms so rarely it would be a crime to miss her.

Marc Codsi and Zalfa Seurat .
Marc is my oldest musical companion i could say , he ve seen me in all my possible forms at every hours of the day in the studio , same for me , so i can guaranty u one thing , even though i have never heard this new project with Ultra talented actress and recently composer and songwriter Zalfa , it must be tasty and very well produced .

Ziad Sidawi and Lana Moussa
Ziad is my other partner in the studio alongside Marc Codsi , i m super jalous that he was able to produce Lana halabi , when u ll hear her voice , u ll understand why , Lana is not only very beautiful but her voice penetrates your soul , she s in my opinion the girl to watch closely for those next five years

Tanjaret Daghet
They are in my opinion the best alternative band the middle east has to offer , they are incredibely skilled , full of taste , funy , great song writers and i was lucky enough to perform with them for the last couple of years , they are preparing a new album and they will give us a litle teaser exclusively , yummi !

Zeid and the wings
It s my band , my playground , this area of fun and comfort where i can let go . With Fouad Afra on the Drums , Bashar Farran on Bass , Gihane Hage on keys and backvocals .

Location : The StationĀ 

direction here
Entrance : 20 000 LL
All benefits will go to The NAWAYA NETWORK .
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