Dany baladi is a singer.
He was born in 1986 in Beirut.
His family came originally from Mardin in Turky at the beginning of the century.His great uncle and grand father were already renown singers at the time.
He grew up listening to Turkish and Arabic classics.
During the Lebanese war his family lived between Syria and Lebanon and finally established in Beirut.
He used to sing along with his uncle at home and soon realized he had a great potential with his voice. In 2001 he joined heavy metal bands and became renown on the local rock scene for his impressive and powerful voice.
In 2007 he switched back to Arabic music when he met with local producer Zeid Hamdan.They produced and performed together for almost a year .He was then noticed by an Arabic pop producer that signed with him in 2009.
He released "Zalem" an arabic pop track in 2010 and ended his collaboration with this producer in 2011.
He is now collaborating again with Zeid Hamdan and they should release an album by summer 2012.
Dany Baladi is mostly inspired by Arabic classical music.
He sings Wadih el Safi , Asmahan , Nazem el Ghazali and other great classics.Along with Zeid , they produce a mix of electronica , reggae and Arabic new pop music.