In December 2006 under exceptional circumstances Kandia Kouyate , , a 17 year old singer and Kora player from guinee born from a family of famous musicians met with Zeid Hamdan , one of the most active producer on the lebanese underground scene.

After a visa problem the singer that was supposed to perform with Zeid for a concert is unable to travel .

The French producer Marc Ambrogianni ( 'Nuits metis" ) who is organising the festival and the Kouyate family propose to Zeid to create a show with one of their youngest sons , Kandia Kouyate .

After 2 days of intense work they present their collaboration. It turns out to be a successful mix of reggae , hip hop , guineen and electro music . The audience as well as the producers are impressed .

they will book the duet again for a dozen of performances from 2006 to 2008 in Guinea , Algeria and finally France allowing the 2 artists to meet and record on the spot .

An album regrouping 10 songs recorded between Guinea and Algeria was released early 2009 .
The duet has toured with Ba Cissoko in fall 2010 and has performed before Alpha Blondy in Bretagne France in 2011.
Kanjha has been touring with Tiken Jah Fakoly since 2010 as the main Kora Player.
In May 2012 Kanjha performed with Zeid at Drm , in Beirut .
His stay in Beirut allowed the duo to record new tracks , expect a new album before the end of 2012